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  In this episode we talk about some of the most common things we've been told we have to chose between in life and I'll explain why it's not true, and give you permission to go after both.   We'll also talk about main reasons why people settle in their careers, personal lives, and goals, and why you shouldn't be one of those people who settle.   By the end of this episode you'll know that you do not have settle or choose between two greats things.   YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

episode 2-Dont keep waiting to go after your dreams

In this episode, I share a story of a man at my local coffeeshop...after I observed this situation, I knew I had to share my thoughts about it.  I also talk about 3 excuses he used about waiting to go after his dreams. There's a few other excuses why people wait to go after their dreams and I discuss those as well.  I hope this episode motivates you to get started on your dreams and goals and let go of those excuses that we all have.